How to make a mortgage of 300 million rubles without work?

Mortgage approval of 300 million rubles in the Brokerage organization Haton Credit


The most important thing is to get the most approval for the design of the mortgage loan. But in reality, this is not as simple as it seems. To avoid a big time spending on finding a competent lender and not be afraid that you will refuse, it is best to contact

What do you pay attention to when they look at the potential borrower

It must be said that recently there are increasingly such cases when borrowers do not return debt and even more percent on it. Banks are increasingly becoming precisely

If you make a consumer loan much easier and faster, then making a mortgage loan much more difficult.

But it is worth noting that during mortgage, real estate automatically becomes a guarantor of the return and security of the loan. But even this factor does not mitigate the position of the bank to its customers, and if the firm considers you not enough volatile — no contract will take place.

The most discerning customers for banks are the following loafers:

Citizens who have previously addressed services in banks, but did not receive approval for the provision of cash within the mortgage programs. Often, the same institution will not re-take for a client who recently

those clients who have

Haton Credit is ready to offer its services to almost all customers: you can

List some privileges that you can rate in Haton Credit

· You can get a chance to design a mortgage with a bet in

· The maximum permitted amount of the mortgage loan reaches

· The decision on signing with you the contract comes

· You have the opportunity to make the submission of a credit application not in one, but at once several banking organizations

· No compulsory requirement for the borrower to confirm your income and have a job

· You have the right together with a financial broker to draw up a contract and monthly schedule.