How to make a loan with a rate of 6.2%, if there are no delay?

Find a successful loan offer This time is very difficult. At the moment, banks are concerned about the growth of problem debt. In connection with the economic crisis in the state and all over the world, the welfare of citizens decreased, and many borrowers simply cannot cope with monthly payments.

Credit and financial institutions decided to tighten the requirements for potential customers, which is why even the most secured bidders cannot issue a loan. And what to do those who already have a delay and how to get a loan with a bad

Brokerage company Haton Credit

Prepayment or any advances do not interest us. Our goal is to help our customers and satisfy their financial request, pose the best credit product.

Conditions on a loan with delay

Credit percentage

The highest loan amount reaches

The term of consideration of your request is equal

The credit fee may have any credit history.

The client age can be

Approval is guaranteed even if there are outstanding debts and delay.

Confirmation of sources of income is not required.

We promise to assist every citizen who applied, but if we are not able to do it, you honestly report this in order not to spend yours and your time. Come to our office, you can appreciate a number of job benefits


· You have the right not to conclude an insurance contract, or receive a refund of insurance for insurance, which will save you

· Fast time processing time and design required documentation;


If you wish, you can first find our page on the Internet, study the entire list of credit products and gain the phone of our credit expert to ask him questions on credit programs.