How to make a loan of 50 million rubles with the abolition of mandatory insurance?

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Often, banks draw up a compulsory insurance contract with their creditors, assuring that this procedure is a granted phenomenon.

Let’s try to figure out how to understand that a specialist of a credit and financial institution is trying to impose you insurance, thereby pursuing the goal just to perform your work plan?

Health insurance contract cannot be a type of credit debt

According to the law, the methods of ensuring debt on a loan agreement can be:

· Warranty deposit;

· Real estate objects;

· Vehicle;

· Physical person, consonant become a guarantor.

Accordingly, if you came to the bank, and you consultant says that the loan will not be issued without insurance — you can disagree with him and abandon the insurance contract. You must understand that the banking institution has no right to not give cash on the loan due to the lack of insurance.

Company of financial brokerage

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