How to make a loan and not get a refusal

Financial and Brokerage Organization

Do you need a brokerage agency, and why exactly a broker?

First of all, this is safety and transparency of the terms of the contract: paragraphs under the contract

Refusals can even receive the most positive borrowers with a high level of wages and a practically impeccable credit dossier. For example, if a citizen wants to conclude

Brokerage Agency

Credit Conditions Haton Credit

· Interest rate on lending from 6.2%;

· Loan amount up to 10 million rubles;

· The term of consideration of the application of the client up to 1 hour.

Our advantages

· No need to prove their solvency;

· Credit reader’s age 20 — 85 years;

· Any credit history;

· Approval will even come if you have debt and delay;

· Do not take payment for brokerage services until you place a loan.