How to issue 250 million rubles for 2 days with the execution of the state contract

The victory in the tender can be an impetus in the development of a business and the ability to declare itself as good performers of the stated services. But in order to fully comply with the requirements of the state, it is necessary to have a certain amount of money.

If you as a holder of my own business are aware that financial support is not enough, you have the opportunity to seek the services of Haton Credit and make a loan on


The tender loan helps to get the necessary volume of material resources to fulfill the gradew.

After receiving borrowed resources on the execution of the contract, you can:

· Carry out the purchase of a whole needed list of consumables;

· Make a calculation with 3 persons for the work performed;

· Provide the purchase of the desired inventory and other financial instruments that will later be needed for the implementation of the state contract.

The mechanism described above is very important, because such a scheme allows you to exclude the risks of the output of funds that are allocated to a specific project.

Still a big plus in such crediting in the fact that you as an entrepreneur can take part in one, but in several tenders, using your own money out of our own money, and somewhere

Consider what conditions can offer Haton Credit for the execution of the state project

Interest rate on lending

The interest rate can be individually reduced

The loan amount reaches the mark

The time that will be needed to identify the solution to give you money or not —

The period of using credit funds is directly determined by the time of execution of work on the state panel.

Loan period can be increased, or refinance.

How the loan amount is calculated

It is important to understand that the maximum in this type of loan broker will provide 500 million rubles, but in a particular case

Revenue size for the quarter