How to get mortgage approval of 300 million rubles with a bad credit history?

Sometimes it becomes impossible to cope with the material responsibility. But even if you managed to find an option to solve the situation and it turns out to quickly repay the formed overdue debts, you should prepare for the fact that another nature of the problem may arise.

Credit and financial institutions strictly refer to the choice of potential borrowers. And if it turns out that the client once had previously repayment of debts, which were made not on time or not in full, then with such a borrower no one will cooperate. In other words, if you are urgent needed

But this does not mean that there is no solution in your situation. For those who for some reason spoiled their credit dossier, and now urgently needs a mortgage loan, there is

By what reasons banking institutions may not approve the application for a mortgage

First we will understand what the bank is.


The main goal of such an organization

It is according to the above reasons that the borrowers with poor credit dossiers become unattractive and uninteresting for creditors. There are very rarely exceptions when the client has incredibly increasing income and despite the «misses» in the past on repayment of debts — the bank will again pay attention to such a client and will translate into the status of an «attractive» borrower. Yes, and then, if we are talking about mortgages, then here credit and financial organizations are never losing anything. Apartment, house and any other real estate object becomes a guarantee of a loan refund, in other words of the provision.

Terms of Mortgage Loading in

· Bought begins

· The maximum possible loan amount

· The period of consideration by the Bank of the Application and Decision, whether to cooperate with such a client —

· The client can have any credit history

· We can reduce the interest rate at about

· You can only bring 2 documents with you:

· There is no strict requirement to carry with them help from work that you get a certain amount of wages, and that you are really employed.

What is the main and main advantages of cooperation with the Haton Credit broker

Obtaining an agreement on a mortgage loan in almost 99.9% of cases.

You have the right to reduce the percentage size when making a mortgage on an apartment.

Only our credit experts are engaged in all paper rolls.

You have a real chance to make a mortgage loan in the amount of 300 million rubles, even if you have a damaged credit dossier.

Financial Broker Haton Credit operates strictly in the legal field and complies with current legislation. Turning to our company, you must be sure that your rights will always be protected, and the interests are taken into account.