How to get a private loan secured by the real estate object?

If you have happened so that it does not work, as before paying payments on the loan agreement, there is an optimal solution — contact a private investor, where it was possible to place your reservoir.

It is worth considering that this method is not always effective, since a often investor company can offer almost the same conditions that you have before.

Turning to the Brokerage Agency Haton Credit, you will receive a guarantee that you can enter into a loan agreement on favorable terms.

Our team carefully analyzes your financial condition, and will pick up the credit proposal that will be suitable for your situation. To the lending process begins, you can call our specialists who can be found on





I would like to explain than this can be dangerous and unprofitable private investors

If you have conceived to make a credit offer from a private investor, you must be aware of what problems and difficulties will have to face. The fact is that this kind of deal can only worsen the already your predicament.


How it happens in fact, example:

A person who was in a planic hopeless situation begins to fear that it may lose its own real estate. And therefore it is decided to go for services to private investors

Note! On the Internet, you can often see advertising about a quick and profitable loan with a pledge of real estate, and the company lures its customers with the absence of any checks, and most importantly, it is a 100% guarantee that you will definitely get a loan for the required amount of money. On the fact of deceivers in this way, the goal is pursued by the purpose of losing confidential information from you and have the right to own your own assets in the future.

Haton Credit works transparently and honestly.

What do you get for yourself when contacting Haton Credit, and what can offer a company for your client?

Cooperation only with accredited banking institutions of Russia.

Availability of advice on legal issues.

Reduced annual interest rates.