How to get a loan without credit history under 6.2%?

What if you need a loan and urgently? Banks are denied not only to customers who have been ruled by a credit dossier, but also to the list of «unwanted loans» to issue borrowed resources, those who have never had a credit history have ever had.

Why? After all, the client did not even have a chance to show themselves like a payer.

In fact, some credit and financial companies do not seek to risk and issue a client.

I got a refusal to a bank with zero ki

Do not despair and put a cross on lending ideas. Today, in connection with the global economic crisis, the unstable situation in the labor market, the coronavirus pandemic and other factors, the population is far from such a stable financial position as it was in former times. Therefore, it is often about getting a loan.

Where can I contact zero ki and so that I did not refuse a loan again?


Haton Credit Credit Credit

Loan without credit history

There is a special offer for those who have never been credited. Terms and requirements for obtaining borrowed resources are as follows:

· The rate is 6.2%;

· A permissible amount up to 6 million rubles;

· Deadline for issuing a loan to 1 hour;

· Age of a potential lender: 20 — 85 years;

· We cooperate even if you have debts and overdue debts;

· No strict need to prove that you have income;

· The borrower has citizenship of the Russian Federation.

You need to have a document confirming the person (passport) and the documents of SNILS. The loan is approved by almost everyone who left a request for a loan amount that can be filled on the site