How to get a loan through broker

Consider what convenience and advantages of contacting the brokerage agency for obtaining money on lending conditions:

Brokerage companies and private investors’ private organizations

Credit programs in Haton Credit do not have a strictly targeted purpose, so there are no restrictions on the existing money under the lending contract for the creditor.

The brokerage company considers loan options with the highest possible interest rates.

If Ki was spoiled, thanks to the help of the Haton Credit broker, you can make a new loan for yourself and fulfill all the obligations under the loan agreement. The most important thing is to pay monthly payments in a timely manner.

Credit with simple conditions and draw up a loan agreement together with a brokerage specialist in Haton Credit. Why should I ask for help in our company?


We have our activities over the years. Always follow the situation in the lending market and know all the latest innovations.


Positive reputation of the organization and a fairly large practice of high results.


We find a solution to the most difficult and ambiguous situations in which customers can get. Apply an individual approach to the compilation


It is important for us to find this option of lending at which the creditor was convenient to make a monthly payment of contributions.


All moments in collecting documents, searching for the necessary loan and obtain it pass accompanied by a credit broker.