How to get a loan secured by estate with 7%?

If you decide to issue a contract for

It is important that you can be convenient to pay a loan, and you were not afraid not to cope with the financial burden, because of what the apartment under the contract of the mortgage subject in the form of provision is simply will be taken.

Especially now, in the days of an unstable situation in the economy and politics of the state and in other countries, it is best to contact a credit and financial institution with a proven reputation.

Haton Credit — working on the market of mediation services between creditors and their customers. The percentage of approval on loan applications is almost 99.9%.

Thanks to the special program on scoring scalle, we quickly define how solvent as followed by the customer. At the same time, the team does not ask the borrower, so that he brought a certificate about where he and how much earns.

Mandatory requirements for a potential lender

§ Age 21 — 75 years;

§ citizenship of the Russian Federation;

§ Documents: Passport and SNILS;

§ Certificate for the right to ownership of real estate;

§ Extract from EGRN.

On the site

If you do not have a job, then to do how to get a loan, because with unemployed, no bank wants to cooperate

If you do not have official confirmation of income or securities that there is an employer, do not worry. The Financial Broker Haton Credit does not pay attention to these details. We look at the real opportunity to answer obligations, and if we understand that it will be able to carry out its monthly payments on the loan agreement, then make a decision to work with this person.


It is important to first fulfill your work and satisfy the customer’s request, and only after the borrower receives a sum of money in hand, only then the client can pay honestly performed broker. If the firm did not work out to help the client in the search for a loan — work is considered absolutely free.

The Haton Credit website has a credit history check function. If you wish, you can see what condition is your ki.