How to get a loan for the shortest possible time?

This is a question that makes most people who want to get a loan in a bank. In the world of modern technologies, it has become much easier to get a loan, almost all banks turn to one department — BKI, when a client comes to a loan.

The data is sent very quickly, also quickly and comes the answer — a complete credit report, after this, the Bank is guided to approve a loan or not.

If the answer is positive, then the loan agreement is prepared, and after his signature, the client receives money on credit. So you can get

Credit history is the first thing that will check the bank when the client appeals for a loan if you have a very good official income that you can confirm the documenor, but a bad credit history, the bank can make a negative loan decision.

Credit history can be checked for free, it is possible to do this no more than 2 times a year.

From here you can conclude to get a loan for the shortest possible time you have to have a good credit history.

If there is a good credit history, banks may not even request an income confirmation, which means that you can get a loan in a couple of hours or immediately after signing the loan agreement.

The amount of up to 1,000,000 rubles can be obtained in a few hours if the amount is more than a bank can delay the process for several days, but not always. There were cases that the person received a loan for 5-7 million rubles in a couple of hours.

Only in three criteria, the above can be obtained on the day of handling.

As for the loan on bail, banks are rapidly issued a loan when the borrower has provision. This is a great option for those who have problems with a credit history or delay in current loans.

On bail, you can provide movable or immovable property, and there are no restrictions on the use of collateral, that is, you can easily use the car or apartment that you have given a deposit of the jar.

The Bank refers to entrepreneurs with caution and the deadlines for issuing a loan may increase to 7 business days.

The bank carefully checks the activities of entrepreneurs, since the risks are much higher here than those of individuals, as entrepreneurs are already legal entities!

The entrepreneur can count on a loan in a short time if:

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