How to get a loan for renewing activities and not return it

Entrepreneurs who conduct their activities have the right from June 1 and until the end of October of the current year to issue

Who can issue a loan for business renewal?

Application for consideration

· Industries that have suffered the greatest losses in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. The list can be found in

· Industries in need of support measures for renewing work.

· Non-commercial socially oriented enterprises, which are provided with state support measures due to Coronavirus COVID-19.

For those businessmen who plan to use lending services Brokerage agency

Loan size maximum can be

What are the requirements for a potential borrower

Age should be at least 21 years, but not more than 65 years.

Russian citizenship.


We just need to contact the day convenient for you in the brokerage agency. No need to worry about what they may not approve a loan. The company does not pay attention to a bad credit history and guarantees to find a better lender among all possible. You can go to the site