How to get a loan agreement without a bank

Haton Credit Financial Solution Team fulfills high-quality work on issuing an agreement for the provision of borrowed funds.

All services are carried out strictly according to the legislation, so each client can be sure that it will not fall into the scheme of some scammers. Our company owns all the necessary resources and knowledge to assist in obtaining credit resources in cash without

Why apply to a loan broker

As the practice of communication of ordinary people with banking organizations shows, often the uncertain position of the potential borrower leads to the fact that the Financial Institute does not want to cooperate with such a client and may refuse to provide the necessary loan.

It is also worth noting that independent visits to banks take a lot of personal time and can confuse the client, because of which he does not come to some conclusion where he is better to serve and take a loan. The situation is also complicated by the fact that the bidder does not quite understand all the terminology, which is prescribed in the text of the loan agreement.

Credit Consultation Appeal in Haton Credit You need in the following cases

You are attended by doubts that the banking company can offer really favorable conditions.

You have already managed to get a refusal of a bank employee, and money is needed, and very urgent.

You have unlocked credit debts and a credit dossier is ruled.


You need a loan without a bank here and now, but the level of profitability does not meet the requirements of the bank.

What can offer Haton Credit

It is important to us that our client felt comfortable and protected. So the only thing we will require you is just take your

Our rate is 6.2%

Loan amount — 10 million rubles

Consideration of the application — up to 1 hour