How to get 300 million rubles in a bank with the provision of pledge as a commercial real estate

If you urgently need a large amount of financial resources and at the same time you have an object or objects of commercial real estate in your property — you have an excellent chance to get

Terms of lending secured by commercial real estate:

· Loan rate —

· The amount that the banking institution can issue reaches

· Time to consider your application for borrowed funds —

· Warranty Provide financial resources in volume


· With yourself enough to have own

· Do not make a certificate of income and employment document;

It is worth saying about several requirements that are exhibited by a potential creditor:

· Age for at least 21 years, but not more than 75 years;

· Russian citizenship;

· Availability of evidence that you really are the owner of commercial real estate;

· Extract from EGRN.

A complete more accurate list of necessary documentation is formed in our office and it may be possible to include any additional paper. Everything is determined specifically chosen lending program.

Consider organizations that are engaged in issuing loans secured by commercial property objects: