How to get 1 million rubles on credit, if you refused to bank?

Financial broker

I need 1 million rubles, but banks have already refused

Despite the fact that you could earlier receive a refusal by the Bank or another credit firm, we will help you to find such a credit program that will suit the specific financial situation, and which the bank will definitely approve. The fact is that we cooperate with proven banking organizations, and when your applications come to us, then banks are in order of priority consider your request. As a rule, the time to receive a response to approval to the conclusion of a loan agreement does not exceed

What are the advantages of appeal to a brokerage company

It is now difficult to get approval for credit funds without checking income and providing information. To do this, it is necessary to have certain levers of influence on banking institutions. I would like to note that a simple ordinary man does not work so easily. If you decide to contact

In banks may refuse borrowers, let’s understand why

Even those clients who have an excellent loan history may face the fact that the bank may not approve a loan. As practice shows, citizens secured may face difficulties in contacting the bank. Namely: if you are interested in registration

Our company has a way to influence the situation and save you from unnecessary actions, in particular, we will not ask you from where your salary comes from and where you work at the moment. All because we work very long ago in the field of lending and we have cooperation with many leading banking companies. They trust us and listen, always go for concessions, if the situation requires. And I would like to note, it is not relatively.

Maximum interest rate reduction,

Submission to the bank with the help of company experts

Collect the necessary documentation by a financial broker. You do not need to run and collect pieces.

At all stages, starting with the appeal to the brokerage agency, a specialist takes your request for its responsibility and accompanies at each stage of design.

The lending contract you make together with the employee of the company, each item is discussed, explain all the incomprehensible moments.

You do not spend your personal time for collecting information on banks and identifying a better lender, we will do all the work for you.

We give you a chance to get a loan without confirming the source of income.

Even if you refused several times, we will find a loan offer that the Bank approves.

If you are not sure that the banking organization proposes to conclude a loan agreement on favorable and transparent conditions, please contact us in