How to get 1 million rubles in cash on credit for 1 day?

To quickly solve current tasks and satisfying daily needs, the most accessible option today is

A person without special knowledge in the field of finance and banks is so easy to disassemble all the intricacies and nuances of lending. How to make a decision in which credit and financial institution

The best solution will come to the office of the brokerage financial firm

What are the terms of the loan per 1 million rubles for 1 day

The scope of borrowed resources does not have a limit, which is why we do not have binding to the target amount of funds. The client can spend the loan as he pleases:

· Treatment, medicines, operations;

· Education, courses, seminars;

· Acquisition of technology;

· Trip to different points of the world and so on.

This type of loan is always popular due to what can spend money for different purposes, and is also drawn up very quickly,

What are the conditions for consideration of the application for a loan of 1 million rubles in Haton Credit

· The cost of the loan is 6.2%;

· The rate can be reduced on individual conditions;

· There is no strict requirement to confirm the availability of income;

· Any credit history, i.e maybe already spoiled with delay, and maybe just zero without any records;

· The required age of the credit card: 20 — 85 years;



· Term for decision making — 1 hour.

Haton Credit will help for 1 day to get money in the amount of 1 million rubles

If the client failed to get a positive answer in a bank or another credit and financial institution,

· Who did not even hear the refusal of bank employees;

· With existing unclosed loans;

· Without an official job;

· Without the availability of confirmation of solvency documents;

· With an insufficient salary to obtain a loan of 1 million rubles;

· With bad entries in a credit dossier.

If suddenly you and we will have a failure, we will definitely analyze for what reason it happened and advise what to do to somehow resolve the issue and achieve the issuance of a loan.

Collaboration with a financial broker

If you decide to contact our company, take with you

· Registration and conclusion of a loan agreement in the amount of 1 million rubles with a bid of 6.2% per annum;

· Saving personal time of the client because of the unobtitude, visit the bank offices;

· The ability to send applications for a loan in more than 1 bank. The application comes simultaneously in several directions;

· You have the right to not apply the insurance program in lending, and this, in turn, will save a decent amount of money;

· The company gives a chance to conclude a loan agreement with leading banking institutions of Russia;

· Get detailed settlements on debt repayment.

We earned a reputation of a reliable intermediary, on the basis of what the best banks want to cooperate with us. They always go towards all our borrowers and increase the level of loyalty to each of them.