How to deal with collectors?


Increasingly, collector agencies are abused by their authority and allow themselves a lot of superfluous, for example, to call the debtor in the deaf night and remind about debt. «Black» collectors with their psychological skills are capable at the moment of bringing a person from equilibrium. The growing cargo of problems with finance and the constant reminder of the debt make the debtor shudder each time.

«White» collectors do not allow themselves a lot of superfluous. Their main goal is the refund of the debtor’s funds by negotiation. They have all the customer debt documents on their hands, which allow them to agree on the return of funds. If the debtor does not have the ability to pay off debt, he has the right to ask for a deferment to repay the debt and agree with collectors about the payment schedule. «White» collectors are valued in their profession the competent speech and the gift of conviction. This collector will not threaten your life by calling in a deaf night, he will explain what adverse consequences for the borrower may be due to a delay in returning funds.

The main thing is not to panic, as we already know similar psychological techniques are engaged in «black» collectors, in which most of the actions are illegal, as well as calls to relatives and relatives. Relatives are entitled to file a complaint against the collector agency to the federal bailiff service or write a statement to the police, accusing collectors in extortion.

From the moment of the beginning of the conversation with the collector, it is not necessary to give in to emotions, you need to keep calm and equilibrium, talking with a calm tone.

In the Russian Federation, every person, and even the debtor has the right to personal integrity and inviolability of housing. Therefore, in the abuse of its powers, collectors you can go to court if they allow themselves a lot of superfluous, for example, trying to apply minor injuries or freely move in your property without your consent.

If you at least partially paid our debt, the collector will not be able to impose a charge of the embezzlement of money or fraud. It is also worth refrain from mutual threats towards the collector.

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