How to convert yourself if you are taken by a military mortgage?

Military mortgage

In case you have ceased to execute timely payments on a mortgage loan for servicemen, you must use a special procedure

What is the essence of refinancing, let’s try to understand

The reference product gives a chance to get a new credit program, on more acceptable and convenient conditions, while you will definitely clarify the amount of complete debt and recruit percent on the past loan. So the financial broker will select the size of the loan, thanks to which you can close the old account on the mortgage loan and use the new lending contract, as well as to improve your credit dossier.

This service is appropriate when you see that there is a profitable loan offer, where the interest rate level is much lower than the percentage that you currently use.

What are the main advantages of applying the renewal of military mortgage in

Lack of any problems with repayment on loan.

Registration of the loan agreement on conditions that are more interesting and more profitable than.

The right to increase the period of use of lending, or vice versa to reduce to quickly repay the resulting debt and accrued interest.

You will be able to withdraw real estate from the mortgage subject at the financial firm, where you initially signed an agreement to receive a military mortgage.

The maximum possible reduction of the monthly loan payment according to the collapsed graphics with a broker. The amount of contributions is determined, given the possibilities of the family budget of the loan.

One of the important advantages of moving a military mortgage loan is

Conditions from Haton Credit on the refinancing of a military mortgage loan

· The value of the interest rate begins

· Allowable limiting limit

· The term required to consider the application for renewal and receiving a certain answer from the broker —

· Possible mortgage period

· We can transfer a mortgage loan from one bank to another, where the rate will be more interesting

· There is no need to carry certificates of received income, about the availability of place of work

· There may be overdue payments on the present and past lending agreements, but do not exceed

· Do not look for collateral objects or special guarantors.

Consider a couple of requirements that are exhibited by borrowers to be able to use the refinancing of military mortgage.

Age at a potential borrower should be

Russian citizenship.

Level action period

In the presence of open loan agreements in microfinance institutions.

There are no overdue on closed redeemed credit debts period that would exceed