How to conclude a borrow agreement 1 day from a bank employee

Credit. What can this product mean to live certain people?

Someone will finally be able to buy long-awaited accommodation and start life again, and someone will spend the whole loan for traveling around the world. Each of the clients has its own goals and desires, and each of them has a real opportunity to get the necessary amount of borrowed resources.

To date, the credit market is very actively developing, and competition among banking firms is becoming more acute and more dynamic. In such conditions, there is a risk of falling into the hands of unscrupulous creditors, where you simply will try to «give» a loan under disadvantageous conditions, for example:

· With the obligatory loan insurance;

· With the search for the guarantor

· Providing a mortgage object

· And much more.

It is important to understand that


Consider the main requirements that are presented to a potential loan in a brokerage organization

Citizenship should belong

Permissible age interval

What should not be at the borrower:

a. Open existing credit bills with delay;

b. Current relevant accounts for loans in microfinance prestes;

c. Overdue payments for old borrowings and also on topical, where the prosthet itself amounted to 30 banking days over the past 12 months.

Required requirements for a loan in the question that bring with them to the office of the company:

Benefits Broker Haton Credit

No insurance, that is, the real opportunity to make savings of your money up to 20% of the amount of the credit amount.

Mailing of a credit application directly to several creditors, which means that happens

Affordable prices for our help.