How to arrange a mortgage loan for secondary housing for 1 day?

At the moment, the question of the presence of own housing among citizens of the country is very acute. This is especially true of the part of the population that lives in the capital.

The cost of real estate tends to become more expensive at the time as the level of income from the average resident remains at the same place. Because of this, many people are decided to acquire in the role of real estate objects not only apartments that are commissioned in new homes, but also in the secondary market.

And if at this stage you do not have enough of your money, then the optimal option will be

To date, banking organizations work on profitable proposals with acceptable conditions for all their customers. To be sure that you are not deceived and will not take advantage of credulity, and your rights will be protected and interests are taken into account,

The main advantages of the mortgage loan with secondary housing objects

If you look at the legislation and figure out what secondary housing is, we can read the following:

Secondary housing

Important! You must understand that secondary property does not have to be in a bad and improper form. That is, they could already have time to buy out during the construction of a multi-storey house, and after it was commissioned, immediately put up for sale, respectively, having already the status of secondary property.

In other words, the secondary apartment does not necessarily have to be in poor condition, with a small metro station, the absence of a normal overhaul and so on

Mortgage conditions for secondary housing in

· Loading rate

· The maximum possible amount of lending to

· Consideration time

· No advances and premature pay for our services

· You can on individual conditions

· There is no need to prove your solvency through wage certificates (we otherwise check your financial stability).

What are the advantages of buying precisely the secondary housing under the mortgage agreement

You have the opportunity to see and choose your favorite housing.

In the secondary housing market, it is possible to objectively make an assessment of the real characteristics and state of apartments, analyze the planning scheme, to watch the complete set, collect information about the house, communications and other points.

The mortgage loan in the secondary market gives a guarantee of the automatic transition of the apartment to your property. That is, you can already have a residence permit, but at the same time try to repay the main debt with interest so that the property stops being pledged.