How scrapets may arrange a loan agreement with a stranger passport

What you just need to know everyone and everyone — if you yourself did not sign the loan agreement with your own hand, it will be invalid in court.

As in general it may happen so that someone could conclude on you


A man decided to go to the station to buy a ticket to another city in order to earn. Here it comes to the checkout, he wants to show his identity card and understands that he cannot find a passport. As a result, the citizen is aware that he lost him somewhere, dropped or left somewhere. He did not go anywhere, remained in his city and settled in a taxi. Restoring the passport did not want for lack of time and desire.

A few months passed, a phone call is distributed. A man raises the phone, and there is a credit company that is interested in when paying on debt and interest on the loan occurs.

That’s right at this moment, the man understood that he poured his own passport’s loss.

You can already guess that the unknown person who found someone else’s passport, not taken him on the table of finds, but decided to turn the scaffold. I issued two loan agreements and ordered issued by money, as he was pleased, without thinking about the duties to return duty.

How now to prove a man that

First of all go to the police and write

a. What creditor has concluded a deal on loan to your name;

b. As you have become aware of a loan agreement (you called, sent a letter or you checked our credit history);

c. How the fraudsters could get your personal data (a loss of a document, a mobile phone with a photo of pages from a passport, someone leaked the client base).

Next, send a letter by a credit firm that issued a loan. Need to attach

Contact the judicial authorities for recognizing the credit transaction invalid.

After the court decision and the recognition of the contract is invalid, to inform the credit company and the Bureau of credit stories.

The data in your ki must immediately adjusted. This is necessary that the credit rating does not fall.