How much Belarus managed to disable the internet

Shutdown for the state cost

On the day of the case

An analysis was conducted and what was clarified

At the beginning, the shutdown happened on online services — DNS, and only then in social networks. This precedent service described as an action on the restriction of freedom of the population.

NetBlocks и

The NetBlocks International Organization using Cost indicators are engaged in the fact that it sets the size and assessment of the cost of restricting the Internet in different countries on the earth’s ball. In this case, in Belarus, turning off the Internet resources cost 141 million dollars. Only for one day, material losses amounted to more than 56 million dollars.

For example, in Iraq, the internet disabling, which has lasted from October to November in 2019, according to NetBlocks, led to financial losses that amounted to more than 1 billion dollars.

Economic and financial losses in the state where there is no connection to the Internet Cost calculates on the basis of indicators of international firms — World Bank, Eurostat, International Telecommunication Union and other organizations.

Opinion UN.

The loss of the Internet negatively affects the quality of the work of the banking and business sectors, and in particular, the possibility of implementation of urgent operations, and as a result, the loss of customers, torn transactions and nonconnected contracts

Disable internet as a catastrophe factor for the state

The facts of restricting access to the Internet are growing worldwide. As a rule, often disabling the Internet is authorized by the government itself of a state.

The essence of the disconnection is to violate the communication process between the global network and its users. The main goal of such a step is to control the information flow at a specific point of the world.

When the Internet entry restriction occurs irreversible consequences for the country as a whole, and this is:

· Undermining the foundations of the confidence of users of Internet platforms;


· Negative impact on economic indicators, including work

· Detergence of the country’s reputation.