«Haton.ru» is the best credit broker in Moscow.

If you need a bank loan on the best conditions, then this article is for you.

That our team can offer you:

· Annual credit rate in a bank from 6.2%;

· Consideration of your application in the bank — from 1 hour;

· Getting a loan in a partner bank from 1 day;

· Minimum monthly payment;

· Income confirmation is not necessary.

If you have difficulty in getting a certificate of income from the employer, this is not a problem. Our financial experts agree with banks — partner applications for credit without providing income certificates. We will need to be brought only

For your convenience, we have prepared the opportunity to fill out the request directly to

You do not need to wait a few days until the bank consider and make a decision on your application. We will organize our work so that you can get money on the day of filing an application without leaving our office.

Until you get a bank credit, you must pay us anything. Our commission is paid only after you receive cash in hand. If we could not still help you, our work will be absolutely free. It is spelled out in the contract, which we conclude with each client before starting work.

We agree with you to make a contract and say each item, and also calculate the schedule for payment of monthly payments based on your requirements. We will select a convenient date for paying a loan and a minimum monthly payment.

As soon as you have the amount in order to fully pay off

Making a loan through our company, you do not need to specify or prove the bank, what exactly will be cash.

If you have already had overdue payments, they did not cope with the timely payment on the loan, we advise you not to worry about this. Due to the increased loyalty to each client and a special scoring program, the Brokerage Agency Haton.ru considers your reliability through the full analysis of the financial situation, without looking at the state of your credit history. We give a chance to everyone!

Many banks require be sure to provide a person who would give the guarantor in your loan. With our company, you will not have to ask someone to be able to become your credit guarantor. It is also not necessary to look for a collateral to show us a guarantee that you will handle loan obligations.

Cancel compulsory loan insurance

We have unique preferences from partner banks, so for our customers will be able to cancel the obligatory loan insurance in the bank, or reduce it to the maximum. This allows our customers to save money up to 30% of the total loan.

If you have already received a bank failure

This is not a trouble! Even if you got a lot of failures from different banks, we will be able to solve this problem. We guarantee almost

If you are tired of running on banks and collect the kip documents, then contact us immediately. We promise to help and choose decent conditions.

Leave your application on our site now. With us a loan amount to