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Brokerage company Haton Credit on the implementation of mediation between

Our organization does not bypass the problem of problematic clients, who at their time for unknown reasons were pretty a credit dossier was contrary. When the lender has bad ki, none of the banks have a desire to deal with such a client, where is the guarantee that the behavior will not happen again?

So, let’s try to figure out who is among the most problematic borrowers:

Client with bad records in Ki.

Without the ability to confirm the official place of employment.

Citizens who do not have a certificate of earnings.

The level of earnings is insufficient for registration of a specific lending program.

People with open credit accounts.

Clients who will not provide a collateral.

Without the presence of a person who could make a loan by the guarantor.

The only important requirement for borrowers is age and citizenship:

· 21 years — 70 years.

· Citizenship of the Russian Federation.

· Interest rate from 6.2%

· A permissible loan limit — 18 million rubles

· Decision of decision on the possibility of issuing borrowed borrowed resources — 1 day.

The Haton Credit financial broker will not take funds from the client for the work of his team until he receives the necessary amount of financial resources on loan.

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