Get 30 million rubles for 1 day secured by a truck

Credit money will help solve many financial problems. And yet, it is worth always paying attention to

Help with issues of competent attitude to the search for credit and financial organizations to obtain loan resources will be able to solve the brokerage agency

Benefits of a loan with a mortgage subject of a truck

A large number of financial institutions relate to very strictly to the choice of a potential borrowed. The fact is that due to the unstable economy, banking organizations are beware of the deliberately disadvantageous transaction. That is why many citizens may receive a refusal to receive credit funds.

Transactions on the issuance of borrowed resources with the provision of collateral. Lenders are much more willing than on non-profit loans. Since the Hatoncredit brokerage organization has collaboration with leading banks of the country (Sberbank, VTB, Gazprombank, Alpha Bank) obtaining a positive response to the conclusion of a lending contract becomes real.

Credit conditions with a pledge of freight T / C

· Interest rate begins

· A permissible loan amount —

· Decision date is

· The brokerage company takes payment for its work, only after the client will receive the required amount of the loan

· Cargo age T / s

· TCP remains at the owner of the machine

· Time period using borrowed funds