Get 12 million rubles a loan with any credit history

It happens that you have already had experience in making loans for certain amounts, but, unfortunately, sometimes they did not cope with monthly payments, and paid them later than the established repayment date.

As a rule, with such behavior, a lender is immediately spoiled by a personal credit history, because of which for banking organizations, you are not an attractive candidate for providing borrowed resources. How to arrange yourself

Banking organizations in the conditions of an unstable economic situation in the country and the world are trying more seriously and more stricter to customers in the design of loan agreements. The fact is that the credit and financial institutions do not need unscrupulous payers and the growth of problem credit debt. Therefore, it is often possible to observe as borrowers who have a negative loan dossier, may not sign a lending agreement and not get the necessary money.

To date, different companies that want to deal with loans are actively developing in the credit market market, and they all have different tasks and different approach to their clientele.

In brokerage organizations, a borrower with a bad credit history has a chance to take a loan again and prove again, which may be mandatory and

Brokerage Agency

Conditions on the loan with a bad credit history by 12 million rubles

· The interest rate value is equal

· Bid can be reduced on individual principles

· Maximum permissible amount of issuing loan resources is

· The time that is given for consideration of the completed loan application —


Requirements for a lender

· Citizenship of the Russian Federation;

· Age: 20 — 85 years;

· There are no subscribed contracts for lending with microfinance structures.

What documents need to take with you before going to the Hatoncredit broker

· Own passport

· Snols

A complete list of necessary documents is formed with the employee of the company based on the chosen lending program.