Favorable use of credit cards.

A credit card allows you to use the limit for a limited period of time. As a rule, this period can be divided into two times:

Grace-period — a grace period during which the zero interest rate is charged. The bank may charge the percentage of the commission for the activation of the service.

A credit card is beneficial to those customers who need resources for a short period of time. For example, you quickly pay for the airfare or dinner at the restaurant (when there is not enough debit card balance). Use the card as a means for a longer period — more than 6 months is inappropriate.

The absolute majority of credit cards do not establish a percentage rate for use during the reduced period. Exception — Payment of the Commission when removing cash in an ATM.

The client always has at hand. Money can be used without coordination with the bank. During a certain amount — credit limit. For reliable borrowers who confirmed their solvency, the Bank may increase the credit limit.

Credit card multifunctional. Offers the same convenient tools as a debit card. For example, you can shop and pay for the card. The bank will accrue at the end of the month of Cashback. This is a premium for using when calculating the card. As a rule, CashBack can be from 2% to 12% of the purchase amount.

Credit card

If the client was unable to pay for the debt during the grace period, the percentage will be accrued for the entire amount of the residue. The rate exceeds the average percentage of cash loans. Additional inconvenience is that some banks do not have the option of early repayment of the loan. The client will be forced to repay debt during the calendar year.

When calculating the credit card, the reduced Cashback operates. In addition, the credit card maintenance exceeds the cost of the debit card tariffs. The owner will be forced to pay all the options — SMS notification, commission for transfer, etc.

The card is beneficial to use for a short time and amount. In this segment, the payment instrument has no equal.

And what banknotes do you use? Do you get a good cachek and not overpay by percentage?

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