Favorable conditions for a mortgage loan without the need to carry out the first payment

Almost every one of us at some stage of the life path was thinking about the availability of its property, or rather some particular real estate, for example, apartments, houses, cottage, or just a share.

But in order to have its own property, there is not one desire enough, you also need money, and considerable. What if you want to have your own corner, and finance do not allow?

Now there is a very large selection of credit institutions that are proposed to issue a mortgage loan on a variety of conditions. To be confident in choosing the right creditor and that the firm that will offer you the contract will not deceive and will not substitute, it is better to make a choice in favor of proven time and experience of specialists.

Brokerage Company for the provision of information services and help to find the best lending options —

Mortgage conditions without initial payment in Haton Credit

The rate of the loan issued — 4.5%

Size of the issued mortgage to 300 million rubles

The term of consideration of the compiled application for issuing a mortgage loan is 1 day

We can reduce the value of the rate by 2.5%

The approval of the mortgage may be in providing only 2 documents: passport and SNILS.

You can have any credit history at the time of handling Haton Credit, that is, both good and bad and even just zero. The main thing is to have overdue debts

What the representatives of the Brokerage company Haton Credit themselves say about their work and that they are ready to offer their customers