Devaluation risks in Belarus

In the Republic of Belarus there is a sharp surge of waiting by citizens that

Chairman of the Board of the National Bank of Belarus

Filed the level of sales of national products in foreign countries;

The level of financial situation of business entities has decreased.

The total income of the population has significantly decreased, which in turn lowered the demand for optional goods.


People seek at least somehow to save their cash accumulations primarily in dollars or in euros, at the same time not interested in placing cash in deposits offered actively

Why Belarusians began to actively buy foreign currency

Citizens seriously thought about the possible

What can be said about other macroeconomic indicators


· Stability of the pricing policy is held;

· The gradual removal of harsh measures in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic in the world influenced the gradual passion for external business activity, which affects the deterrence of foreign inflation;

· Prices are held for imported products to Belarus.

Risks of the Belarusian ruble

Enterprises are gradually beginning to enter the usual channel, the demand from foreign countries will smoothly stabilize. It is worth noting, the government of Belarus constantly thinks and develops bills, thanks to which the activities of business entities could be supported: