Credit without refusal for 3 hours

If you need to quickly make payment for unforeseen expenses or urgently need to be purchased by those or other things, and there is no money, you should contact

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Unfortunately, some borrowers fall into the difficult position: due to the lack of proper level of knowledge from the field of finance, as well as inattention in communicating with the representative of the Bank, material problems may arise. Most of the citizens receive status

So that the problems of this nature did not occur, it should come to

Requirements for a lender:

· Russian citizenship;

· Age of at least 20 years, and not older than 85 years;

· Lack of loan agreements in microfinance companies.

Documents that need to bring with me:

· Passport;

· Snols.

Conditions on the loan without failure:

· Loan rate 6.2%;

· The amount of the loan amount up to 10 million rubles;

· The term for making a decision on issuing a loan is 3 hours.

Principles and attitude of Haton Credit to cooperation with potential borrowers

· No compulsory requirement to make a prepayment. Such methods does not consider the company.

· The company does not ask for wage references and other sources of profit;

· We do not care

· The credit card may have a different credit history: positive, zero, negative.

· We do not pay attention to the available open debts and current overdue debts.

· We conduct an affiliate program with more than 70 credit and financial institutions:

Leave the application directly on the website of the Brokerage Agency. A specialist with you will immediately contact.