Credit program for LLC up to 500 million rubles

Ltd. or Limited Liability Company

This union with its legal form of ownership, which is created by one participant or more, while the founders can act physical and legal entities.

Credit offer for Ltd.

If you understand that there is not enough for the normal functioning of the business of our own resources, it will be appropriate to use

The essence of working with a brokerage company

If you need to use loan with the provision of pledge or without, you can fill out the application fields on the site

Conditions for lending to Ltd.

Bet for using borrowed resources

Maximum amount for cash issuance

Period using a credit program

It makes no sense to pay for our work before you have not yet signed a loan agreement. All after.

The loan has no strict target. We do not monitor where you spend the money received.

Money can be obtained even at the stage when they only registered LLC, and there are no revolutions and even more accounting documents.

Cashs are transferred to the settlement account of the organization, which is very convenient.

Requirements for a potential lender

· Age that is suitable for issuing a loan: 21 — 65 years;

· Russian citizenship;

· The presence of a passport and reduss.

What is the explicit advantages of lending to LLC in Haton Credit

You have the right not to conclude an insurance contract. Moreover, it will allow

We do not give off the unemployed, for them we have our credit programs that will specifically fit them.

It does not matter to us in what condition you have a credit dossier, and whether there were ever delay.