Credit for 270 million rubles with a bid of 10% with a state contract

If you are a legal entity and you should urgently fulfill the state contract, then you have to turn to professionals for help in obtaining a special loan.


In the case of organizations that must be performed by the state contract, they can get the following advantages:

We have cooperation with such authoritative banks as Sberbank, Alpha Bank, VTB, Gazprombank and others.

We do not refuse to legal entities who had earlier delay or not fully paid loan contributions. In other words, the brokerage agency also works with clients who have a bad credit history and can enter into an agreement on issuing

Organizations have the right to arrange lending agreements without a commitment to sign the insurance contract for the loan itself. If the banking institution does not want to approve this condition, we will be able to return back money for insurance.

In our principles, do not take a fee for our services before we can issue a loan. Our activity occurs solely transparently: without any hidden commissions or payments that are found later.

You have the right to reduce the value of the credit rate up to 5% per annum.

There is no need to provide a collateral or to look for a person who could perform the role of the guarantor.

Let even a bank refused after you addressed him and sent an application for consideration. Do not despair and give hands. We will definitely find a solution in your situation and guarantee

What are the conditions for lending to the execution of the State Contract






List of Legal Requirements





Our company provides free advice on any lending issues and maintains accompaniment absolutely at all stages of loan design. Besides,

Let’s now look at the scheme, how is the work of Haton Credit

First, you as a legal entity leave an application on the website of the Brokerage Agency.

Get detailed advice from our specialist, ask questions and clarify all incomprehensible moments.

Conclude and sign an agreement on the agreement on the provision of services from the Agency.

You give you the necessary amount of lending, but not more than 270 million rubles.

Finally, you can now make a reward for the perfect work of Hatoncredit.

On the official page of the company, you can order a free consultation from the credit manager, leaving the appropriate application.