Credit for 22 million rubles without making an advance

You urgently needed


Second, seek help in banks.

Third, microfinance companies.

The best option for registration of a loan by 22 million rubles will be addressed to the financial broker.

Why is the company Haton Credit

We pursue the goal to assist the client and find it such a loan, which in no case will not lead him into debt points, will retain his rights and take into account interests.

We do not impose signing insurance contracts, and if you wish, we can make a refund on the most insurance.

We send a credit application at once in all banks so that those in order of priority immediately consider your candidacy and told about their decision. If suddenly fails, we will try to figure out, for what reason you did not like the bank as a potential lender, and let’s try to make an application again.

You do not need to collect documents, certificates and other papers. All this will be engaged in our financial broker. Based on the selected type of credit product, the specialist will be able to choose the right list of documents, thanks to which the chance of approval to receive 22 million rubles will increase.

We have loyal interest policy on loans.

What conditions on the loan of 22 million rubles may offer the Brokerage Agency Haton Credit







The company is really considering candidates who in the past could spoil their loan dossier and for some personal reasons were not able to make payments on the established schedule. We would not like to put a cross on such clients and decided to give them a chance to prove that they may conscientiously applies to agreement with the bank. Moreover, the client appears a real opportunity to improve its credit dossier and become an attractive borrower in the eyes of banking organizations.