Credit for 18 million rubles with a spoiled credit history

If you have ever delayed on monthly credit payments, and banks began to refuse the contract for obtaining borrowed funds, brokerage company

Getting a loan today is:




Conditions that Haton Credit

We do not require the preliminary payment of our services or send an advance.

Payment of the loan broker services is carried out immediately after receiving the desired loan amount.

It will not be necessary to prove the fact of employment, obtaining stable earnings.

Drawing up a loan schedule with a consultant.

You have the right to make an insurance contract, or to cancel it, or return all the money for the insurance policy.

The company may

We will be able to approve you to provide credit resources without a mortgage subject and search for persons who could act as guarantors.

On the website of Haton Credit, you can easily fill out an application for registration of the required loan amount, as well as for free to get detailed advice on all lending proposals. Also on the web page, the client may also be free to check the condition of its credit history.

Customer Requirements in Haton Credit

Russian citizenship.

Age for at least 21 years, but not more than 70 years.

Lack of existing overdues of existing loans.

Lack of current credit accounts in microfinance firms.

The lack of a delay in past loan agreements and hereby more than a month over the past 12 months.

Documents that will need to be in a brokerage company



The full list of necessary documentation is drawn up in the office individually and can request any additional papers, based on how you prefer the credit program.