Credit agreement with a deposit of the house without an extract of persons having a residence

How fast and safe to resolve the question, where and how to make a lending?

Today, a large number of registered organizations that conduct their activities in the provision of services for issuing borrowed funds. In order for each of them to meet and make a choice in favor of a decent lender, you will need not only a lot of your own time, but also a certain financial condigancy.


A loan secured by such real estate, like a house or cottage — is a good option for borrowers, as it can be quickly and guaranteed to get a large amount of money.

Loan with a deposit of the house in







How does the Brokerage company Haton Credit puts his work

The organization’s policy is built not several main postulates:

· Responsible and attentive attitude towards each convertible person;

· High and constantly developing level of professionalism;

· Fast coordinated work of our specialists will not make you wait until the loan will be signed.

What are the stages of our activities after a potential borrower turned to us:

· We study in detail the financial position of the client, carry out an analysis using a scoring point to identify solvency.

· We conclude the appropriate loan agreement in the chosen credit and financial institution. If the signing of the loan agreement is impossible, we will find out what the reason and try to find you a firm where the receipt of loan resources would be possible;

· Haton Credit managers are working to collect the required papers to draw up a contract, and engage in overseas the overall response from creditors;

· After a positive response from the lender, we provide accompaniment when signing a loan agreement and obtain the declared amount of funds;

· After receiving the loan, the client pays for the work of the financial broker.