Commercial mortgage with 4.5% rate for 1 day

What is the essence of the commercial mortgage for citizens, what are the features, classification and its conditions.

Only a few years ago, the loan service product appeared on the mortgage product, which is designed for commercial type real estate. Though for the Russians, this offer is pretty new, Western lenders and customers have long been able to appreciate this loan.

In this article we will try to figure out what commercial lending is, considering its explicit advantages and convenience.

Real estate for business activities

If you are already driving your business or so far only think about it, you may need a room for performing production and other works. Naturally, if you have the right amount of your money, you can immediately buy a purchase. If one’s own finance is not expected, then the decision will be

Commercial mortgage

Who needs such a type of loan

• Young people who have just begun to organize their business;

• IP, which will expand their work;

• notaries, lawyers

• Customers who want to benefit from commercial real estate: to purchase it on credit and after renting.

Legal Moments in Commercial Mortgage

In the current legislation of the Russian Federation there is no clear definition and clarification on this type of loan. Because of this, most Russian banking organizations do not want to work with a mortgage for business.

However, a pledge of such a loan becomes a torus of commercial property, which, if it is impossible to pay off the debt, the client will have to give the bank. This provision gives reason to credit and financial institutions to overpower their fears and conclude agreements for commercial mortgages.


First of all, the creditor acquires its own area for entrepreneurship in a very short time. After all, the presence of own real estate makes a businessman much independent from rental prices and other financial issues. Of course, the borrower will need to fulfill payments every month the lender, but this will be paid for its room, and not rent.

There is a chance to issue lending without the implementation of the initial payment.

Many banking organizations practice early repayment of debt on a mortgage loan without penalties, fines and closing the amount on major debt in the period up to six months.

How to make a mortgage on a commercial building (room)

The best solution for the rapid receipt of commercial property without paper red tape and long-term checks will be the appeal to

Conditions of commercial mortgage in

Requirements for the borrower (business holder)