Collectors came to me.

Consider the question where you should contact if the collector services begin to behave not within the law.


The client appealed to the bank in order to arrange a contract for obtaining credit funds. The organization approved him

Some time passed and collectors decided to appear at the workplace to the debtor and chat with his bosses. After that, the employer warned that if once again the collectors would come to the company, the debtor would deprive work.

Is it possible to somehow make sure that the collectors do not have the right to declare the work of the debtors?

If we take into account the current legislation, then it says the following: if the collection service wants to communicate with third parties, then for the beginning they need to be obtained from the borrower itself and a third party. That is, it can be concluded if the collectors are at wishes without warning come to work to the leadership and talk about why you do not pay your

Where to contact that the collectors do not come to work





If you submit a complaint and attach the relevant documents that would confirm the case of violation of the legislation by the collection agency, then competent organizations will attract it to relevant responsibility.

And the last … ..

After the emergence of collector services to work, you now know how to behave and protect your rights. And how to establish relationships with the leadership, unfortunately, we will not be able to give advice, it is already yours.