Changes that are expected autumn: lending, schools, benefits

New bills accepted on the territory of the country, the oldest times cease to act.

Since the beginning of September, new rules and laws began their operation. The right to take advantage of the state monetary support in the form of children’s benefits (10,000 rubles) within the framework of the program of anti-crisis activities will be possible until October. The amount of benefits for unemployed population will decrease, expires deferment for taxes and loan agreements. The issue of issuing changes

Now let’s talk about more about each of the items

Entrepreneurs, if desired, will no longer be able to delay on the work of payments for renting property objects.

Citizens will cease to pay for children according to the presidential decree in connection with the consequences of combating the COVID-19 virus.

Credippers will be able to receive an amount from insurance at

In school process, special attention will be paid to the process of upbringing. How: students will talk about

Teachers will list social benefits every month. Class leaders —

Acceptance of studies in general education institutions (schools and kindergartens) sisters and brothers will be carried out in priority.

Grearants who receive social assistance will now be issued special

The register of citizens for beneficiaries, which will be eligible for free medicines, medical care, medical nutrition, medical products.