Central Bank of the Russian Federation proposes to increase the programs for the poor

In this article we will analyze what poverty from an economic point of view


So, in Russia, such an indicator since the second quarter of 2020 is 11,468 rubles, working for citizens — 12,392 rubles, retirees — 9,422 rubles.

There is also an extreme step of poverty (poverty), in which a person spends a daily no more than $ 1.9 or 90 rubles, which is 2.8 thousand rubles per month. Such poverty is more characteristic of African states.

It will rightly notice that people who cannot afford the purchase of equipment, real estate, travel, and so on may be counted.

Central Bank Measures to Support the Poor Layer

The central bank of the country decided not to put any restrictions on the field of

Against the background of slow motion processes in the production and economic recession, as well as a significant reduction

Banks decided to support citizens who have the level of income below average

Banking organizations decided to apply the principle *

Next, banks have planned to increase the volume of lending to the part of the population that has to give away from the total amount of its income

According to statistical data, almost one fourth of the population gives bank firms