Central Bank of the Russian Federation asks banks not to drive out borrowers from apartments

The Central Bank of Russia decided to increase the recommendations for credit institutions, including the request

What is the reason for such a current situation: accumulated customer delay or something else? And will bank organizations be followed by the recommendations of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation?

The Bank of Russia has thought out new recommendations on the behavior of the country’s banking system. One of the main issues that stood on the discussion, what to do with those borrowers who cannot cope with the payments for previously decorated

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Banking and other credit and financial institutions

It is important to understand!

From a legal point of view for banks and others

But it is worth noting that financial analysts believe that for banking offices, the Word of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation should be undisputed as a law.

The lender also has the right to apply to the judicial authorities for the suspension of the process of evicting a citizen. For the Court, the opinion of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is not mandatory for execution, in fact, if both parties agree and do not have any objections, bailiffs and judicial bodies may not show the principle and slow down the course of court proceedings.

But it is worth thinking about banking organizations. If for the lender, the entire situation is only on hand, then the banks themselves advise on the part of the Central Bank serves as a negative factor for the part of the profits.