Business loan for 1 day to 500 million rubles

Entrepreneurial activity implies constant investment, time and money. Without due attention to the details of production, marketing events and other moments do not do any business. All this requires a certain amount of financial resources. When own funds are missing for promotion or at least maintaining the case — the best solution will be a loan to

So how to get a loan of up to 500 million rubles in just one day 1?

Brokerage Agent Haton Credit

What are the conditions for lending to 500 million rubles in Haton Credit?

The client must have Russian citizenship.

Acceptable age: 21 — 65 years.

Mandatory documents for registration: SNILS and passport.

What are the features of lending for business activities?

Cash is sent to the development of the case.

Exception of hidden commissions.

No prepayments.

100% guarantee of a positive response to the question of concluding a loan agreement.

It is possible to consider the application for a loan without a visit to the banking institution.

In the list of partnership over 70 banks, as well as investment organizations and private investors.

Cash is transferred to the company’s current account.

We do not make a check of credit costs.

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