Belorussian Bank Belveb calls for respecting the opinion of the people and its choice

Own opinions about what is happening in Belarus now express not only ordinary citizens, but also people from the outside world. Many public personalities such as Ilon Mask, Jared Leto, Mark Ruffalo, Ivan Urgant, Alexey Yagudin convey sincere support to all residents of Belarus.

It is worth noting that representatives of the banking sector remain aside. On August 14, on his Internet portal, BELVEB placed the post in which he turned to Belarusians, so that they were primarily wise and took the deliberate decisions in order to preserve the world and the safety of folk land.


BelVEB Bank

The main and main shareholder of the Bank of BelVEB is the Russian Development Corporation

In the leading banking institution of Belarus, the emphasis was emphasized that the growth of the economy and improving the standard of living of citizens at the moment is determined by how well the mutual understanding and consent is established within society.

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I want to refer to the current Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, where according to

It is difficult to stay aside and be indifferent to the current situation and everything that happens in the country. The people massively go out to the streets to organize peaceful protests: people in white clothes with white flowers and balls formed long ranks. Machines passing by as a sign of support and solidarity loudly and long signal. People want an open dialogue with government representatives, just talk to peacefully, and, most importantly, they do not want any aggression.

What will end the opposite political situation in Belarus, only time will show.