Association of all loans and mortgages up to 100 million rubles

Each person seeks to be his own home or apartment. But not everyone can boast enough amount of money in order to immediately take and buy for the full cost of the real estate object.

The current banking system has tried to make it so that the acquisition of residential property has become real for almost any resident of the country. At the same time, he will no longer have many years to postpone the percentage of salary and to join the parents on one living space or rent an apartment and pay someone else’s uncle for this.

To avoid such an unsightly fate

Refinancing mortgages and other loans if available. What is the mechanism of action

You will learn what is the total balance of credit debt on mortgage and other loans.

With this amount, we go to us, and our team is a new loan agreement, with the help of which we will close debts on previous loans and mortgages.

We consider the most convenient period for you for lending, install which payments will now be every month.

Lower the bid, we combine all old loans to one general, simplifying the payment mechanism for the payment of credit contributions.

Conditions of Haton Credit when making a contract for refinancing mortgage loans and others, if available

· The interest rate value is 4.5%;

· The limit of issuing credit resources is 100 million rubles;


· There is no compulsory requirement to make references about the received income, workbook;


· There is no fundamental importance, what is your credit history now (good or bad);

· Time to make a decision on holding a refinancing service for no more than 1 day.