Acquired a car, and then it turned out that he is pledged

Led to an attractive appearance and cost, and according to the result got some problems

The real story of one buyer

There was always a dream to buy a cool SUV. And finally, the appropriate option turned up: a brand that suits me and the price level is acceptable, the car is not even broken. But it seemed to me that somehow the owner of the car wants for his car. He explained this as follows:

He asked his TCP, but instead of the document I could only show a duplicate, explaining the fact that the original was lost somewhere.

I decided to check the car just in case vin and also went to

The purchase and sale deal took place, I began to ride it, as suddenly three days later the worker called me

Let’s try to figure out!

The only thing and most correct thing is to be done in this situation — to pay for help in court!

First of all, you are heading to court, explain the whole situation. We must first prove that you did not put on the course that the car acts

Art. 352 p. 1.2 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation — if a citizen did not know that bought property has the status of encumbrance, then the deposit is terminated.

If the deal took place before this date, the credit organization would be in the right to take away from the buyer car.

Let’s understand what to do not get into a similar situation


· Before purchasing a car to ask

· View in PTS, there is no mark that the car is secured;

· Be sure to check the availability of a car


· Take a non-notary